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Тaxi Glasgow from/to St Andrews

  • Price: from £98.00
  • Distance: around 70km
  • Duration: around 1 hour and 40 minutes
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L Beattie
14 March 2024
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Stephen Levitt
14 March 2024
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Colin Murray
12 March 2024
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27 January 2024
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22 January 2024
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22 December 2023
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22 December 2023
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22 December 2023

Affordable taxi rates from St Andrews to Glasgow

In addition to delivering excellent customer service and a comfortable ride for every client, we believe that a dependable taxi company should also be affordable for all. We keep our prices competitive, welcoming a larger number of people to enjoy our taxi services from St Andrews to Glasgow or back. The price for a taxi transfer from Glasgow to St Andrews will change, based on the size of the taxi and day or night charges. For your convenience, you can benefit from a free cost estimate of your taxi ride from Glasgow to St Andrews through our booking feature. It’s simple as you only need to give us your journey information and we’ll provide you with a free estimate. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing structure. By having the final quotation prior to booking a taxi service with us, you will be better equipped to prepare financially and stay away from surprises.

How far is the journey from St Andrews to Glasgow Airport?

Private hire is undoubtedly on the list of the fastest and most efficient ways to travel, irrespective of whether you’re traveling for commercial or leisure reasons. Our taxi drivers always tailor the taxi ride to each end destination. We are aware of the diverse paths that can be taken between St Andrews and Glasgow and will stick to the one that is most suitable for your situation. If you are in a rush and you are in need of the shortest path to arrive at your destination, we will choose the quickest route. On the other hand, if you’d rather get to know the area on your way and would like to take breaks to see the sights or take photos, we’re also there to help. The time necessary to travel between St Andrews and Glasgow will be different, depending on the congestion and traffic. Please remember that there are specific hours during the day when the traffic is heavier.

Why Travel Glasgow ↔ St Andrews With Caledonian Cabs

Travel with comfort from St Andrews to Glasgow

Our licensed and trustworthy taxi drivers are are available for you anytime, which means that you can depend on a 24/7 taxi service from St Andrews to Glasgow or back. If you are on the lookout for a comfortable and swift way to move and keep abreast of your busy schedule, look no further. We will provide prompt transport for one person, families, and small groups of travelers. With a local taxi fleet, dedicated taxi drivers, and vast experience, by booking us you can expect:

  • Local taxis with up to 6 seats – We offer a variety of cars and our 6 seaters are able to easily accommodate up to 6 travelers and two heavy luggage bags.
  • Estate taxis – If you’re journeying with a lot of luggage or moving heavy items that will not fit into a saloon taxi, our local estate taxis are what you need. They can host up to four passengers with heavy luggage bags or five travelers with hand luggage.
  • Saloon taxis – Our versatile saloon cabs can accommodate up to 4 travelers carrying hand luggage or 3 passengers with large bags. These are the normal types of taxi cars that you would usually use on a casual drive from one destination to another.

Our automobile assortment allows us to offer the ideal solution for every customer. When booking our taxi transfers, make sure to tell us about your travel specifications and choose the most suitable taxi for you. Call us and book your taxi from St Andrews to Glasgow beforehand for extra certainty. Pre-book one of our local drivers by submitting our online form.

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Airport taxi transfers from St Andrews to Glasgow or back

Are you looking for the best way to travel to the airport or back? Our taxi drivers are there to help with a taxi transfer from St Andrews to Glasgow. Our taxi drivers are experienced in long-range transportation and are committed to invariably being timely and delivering an exceptional service. We can offer transportation to all main airports and destinations around St Andrews and Glasgow. Some of the airport transfers that you can count on us for include:

When reserving your taxi trip with us, let us know when you would want to be picked up. If you’re not sure how long it will take to travel to the airport or back, you can tell us when you are arriving or departing and we will provide more information. You can book your taxi transfer in advance or book a local taxi driver on the spot. We’re ready to provide a vehicle that can transfer you and your luggage.

All the Reasons to Choose Us

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Inexpensive rates

Our prices are not only inexpensive but they are as well transparent. You can expect budget-friendly rates with no surprising fees.
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Certified taxi drivers

We solely work with fully qualified and licensed drivers with experience on the market. Getting into a car with someone you don’t know is not comfortable unless you know that you’re working with a professional.
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Online Reservations

Reserve your taxi ride swiftly and stress-free by jumping to our online booking feature, filling in your details, and reserving a taxi. Create an account and make changes to the scheduled services if needed.
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Accurate Services

Our main objective is to provide a comfortable ride and transport our customers to the desired location on time. Book your taxi ride in advance and make sure that your journey will not suffer from any delays.
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Rich cab assortment

Regardless if you are traveling by yourself, with a plus one, or in a small group, we work with a range of different automobiles that can accommodate your trip. Choose from a saloon taxi, estate taxi, or a local 6 seater taxi.
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Flight checks

If you are traveling to or from an airport in Glasgow to St Andrews, you don’t have to be concerned with booking a cab in the last-minute. Reserve your taxi ride beforehand, let us know what your flight details are, and someone will be waiting to pick you up at the airport.
If you’re not sure about our taxi services from Glasgow to St Andrews, here is some of clients’ feedback.
I’ve reserved Caledonian Cabs’ local taxis for a taxi ride from St Andrews to Glasgow Airport and would definitely recommend them to friends. The drivers are very positive, always on time, exceptionally professional, and the rates are affordable too.
Jimmy C.H, St Andrews to Glasgow Airport

We were in urgent need of a taxi ride that had the ability to get us from the airport in Glasgow to St Andrews with several large travel bags. We booked a taxi ride from St Andrews to Glasgow Airport in advance and were happy to see that the company could provide a taxi large enough for the travel.
Jeremy, St Andrews to Glasgow Airport


About the Company

Caledonian Cabs has years of experience as a local taxi company in Glasgow. We employ some of the most experienced taxi drivers in St Andrews who provide taxi services from St Andrews to Glasgow or back. Our leading objective is to provide an outstanding service, a comfortable ride, a timely pick-up, and an accessible price for it all. We have designed our online booking platform to make booking a taxi ride easier than ever. You can depend on us at all times for a taxi airport transfer or a taxi ride from St Andrews to Glasgow. Schedule online now and we’ll take care of the rest.